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At simpliHŌM, we believe there’s more to life than work. We want to empower you to live the life you desire by giving you the option of 100% on Day 1.



our team.

your time.

Our leadership has a history as successful top producing agents, and as a top producing agent [or aspiring] you understand that one of the hardest things to find in your day is TIME. At simpliHŌM, we realize the only way to give you your time is to provide you with support and resources that creates time for you. We are the only company that we know of which offers full, in-house, contract-to-close services at NO CHARGE.




Each month at simpliHŌM we gather to simpliCONNECT with each other and focus on building REALationships, in a NO AGENDA environment, with each other and other industry professionals. 


Enrique Selman entered the business in 2017 and has been with us since before we were a company. His lifestyle of choice is to create a LEGACY.

Derek Trainer entered the business in 2015 and has built a phenomenal business in that time. FAMILY is the most important thing for Derek.



FREE contract-to-close ON ALL DEALS

No charge, company provided, complimentary, FREE…however we need to say it. We have an in-house team of Client Success Coordinators who handle everything for you from the moment the deal is executed as a bound contract all the way to closing. This service comes in English, Spanish, and Arabic. If you paid for this service on your own it would cost you about $350-$500 per deal. This service saves you 8-15 hours PER transaction, and we’re giving the average agent 12 DAYS per year of their life back to do something more important.


logistics services

Are you tired of your signs taking up your garage? Are you tired of losing lockboxes? Are you tired of forgetting to uninstall signs and lockboxes after closing?

We’ll take care of it for you! An optional and affordable service, we will store your signs and lockboxes for you. When you need them installed at a property, you can easily order them, get updated with the installation date, and receive a photo via text of the sign in the yard when the installation is complete. We will then pick it up and put it back in storage after closing.

Another optional support service designed to help you create more time for the more important things in life. 


Listing management

Listings are easy, right? Perhaps. But what about the time that is spent setting them up and dealing with the mundane tasks like paperwork or, the worst, inputting it into the MLS 🤦🏻‍♂️.

If you decide you would rather spend your time doing something less tedious, we’re here to make your life easier.

From writing the listing paperwork and scheduling photos, to uploading the listing into the MLS and setting up showing instructions, we’ve got you covered. You tell us when you need the listing to be made active, and you have full transparency into the process without having to do the actual work.   

virtual reality

Provide convenience to your clients by saving them from having to fly to town to buy their next home.

You have FREE access to our 360 Camera System and we will ship Virtual Reality Goggles to your clients which they can keep for up to 30 days while they buy their next home without spending the money to fly into town, book a hotel room, rent a car, etc. 


Concierge services

In partnership with MoveEasy, each agent has fully branded concierge services sent to their clients to make the move, change of address, home services, etc. simple. This will, over time, be transitioning to an in-house concierge team who will be reaching out to the client on the agents behalf and scheduling movers, packing supplies, home services, utilities, etc. at no cost to the agent or the client. 


in-house marketing

Need Custom Flyers? Social Cards? Postcards? Custom Commercial Sign? Property Hype Video? Lifestyle Photos?

Cool. We are here to help support you and your business with whatever you may need in the marketing world. With our in-house graphic and video team, we make sure to deliver a product that exceeds expectations for an affordable price.  



*All Transactions Require a $299 Base Broker Commission

Enrique Selman | simpli[LEGACY]

Steve & Logan Frye | simpli[LIFESTYLE]

Christen Whitney | simpli[IMPACT]

Derek Trainer | simpli[FAMILY]


Build. Your. Best. Life.